A wee update to my last post.

This was my last piece for the Fundraising for Gaza exhibition in Galway; a calligraphic

version of Khaled Juma’s poem:

Final 2 DSCF9546

This photo shows the (sometimes tortuous) stages along the way…. Assorted roughs, 2, DSCF9553 And here’s the final stage of the piece…can you spot the mistake? ROUGH DSCF9542 I’ve written before about the curse of being a perfectionist…and about the illogicality of being a left-handed calligrapher…Well, there I was, at 11.00pm on the night before the Opening, filling in the colour of the outlined words. Being left handed I worked from right to left, (not to smudge the paint), and on the fourth line from the bottom I come across the first word…. ant….I’m like, What????? At that late hour, I had to just squeeze in the W, so the diamond shape does not “read” perfectly….and so it goes!     Gallery Opening IMG-20140912-00105 After a three hour drive to Galway to deliver pieces, we went for a great, Al Fresco meal in Eyre Square, relaxed, and watched the world go by, playing Spot the Tourist,Guess the Nationality, and Spot the Students! When we went back for the Opening it was overflowing with donated artwork, and the gallery was so well attended that people were overflowing onto the street…Thank heavens it wasn’t raining! Lots of red spots to show pieces sold….Great! Wandering happily to our hostel at 10pm, on a wonderfully balmy night, there was entertainment all the way up Shop Street…and loads of tourists and revellers…a great atmosphere. Homeless man and dogs  2 IMG-20140912-00118 This man was a great singer and guitarist, and we perched on a shop window to hear him sing. He was homeless, sleeping in a car with his two dogs, who were delightful, well fed and friendly and so well behaved…(especially for a Jack Russell and an indeterminate terrier!). It made me think how life can go from cruising along, reasonably happy and reasonably secure, to tumbling out of mainstream society in a few small disasters, a run of bad luck or bad planning. There appears to be an ever widening gap between the Haves and the Have-Nots…I thought of this brave and caring man as we tumbled into freshly laundered sheets for a well earned rest, and it made me sad. Here is a piece in the exhibition that really struck me…as an artist I did not have the money to purchase it, but I was glad I had a few euro for the man and his dogs…There, but for the Grace of God, the help of good friends in the past, and much Luck along the way….. Charcoal girl, IMG-20140912-00108 (I believe the artist’s name was Shona McGillivray).

6 responses to “A wee update to my last post.

    • Hiya! It feels odd not to be able to write “Hi …” with a name! It was a good night, I rarely get to a big town or city, and Galway is so vibrant, and visually exciting! I’d love to go for a bit longer, with a camera…my Irish friend talked of how it had been a fishing port with a fair share of poverty back in the day…..hard to imagine now. Being as bit of a country mouse, I scuttled home, exhausted, but did wish I’d had longer to explore more…where is a happy medium?!

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    • Send me your favourite quotation! Working for money near killed me, now I have the meagre luxury of a pension I can do calligraphy for the love of it…us ‘poets’ gotta stick together! I just cannot imagine living in a country with no free health care….What goes around, comes around!

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      • Well, speaking of the poets, my husband and I have an anniversary coming up in a couple of months, and his favorite quotation from poetry is, “Part of the sky is all of the sky. The rest is wasted.” ~Larissa Szporluk

        Or I’d love one for my daughter, maybe with that cummings line: “and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart / i carry your heart(i carry it in my heart)”

        I can’t ask for something for myself, though, and really, I was just admiring your work, not trying to guilt you into getting something. (You deserve compensation for your art.)

        Seriously, I wish I knew calligraphy, because what you do is simply lovely. I’m glad just to have seen it (and to learn the lovely quotations YOU provided)!

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      • NOBODY guilt trips me any more!..one of the perks of getting older! And people who have a reasonable income are welcome to contribute …but I would get real pleasure in doing those two quotes for you…my email is charlieeasterfield@gmail.com , Send me you and your husband’s names, if you like, and the date of your anniversary….I once did a tedious, long, gold-leafed inscription thingy for a new Cardinal….very good money, but when I heard stories about what a meddlesome man he’d been, I’d have given the blood money back! Such is life!


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