The Daily Post, Unsafe Containers. Enthusiasm.

For me, the Unsafe Container is Enthusiasm…I loved it when I found out that the word Enthusiasm comes from the Greek: ‘to be possessed by a God or Goddess’, and that the word Idiot comes from Latin: ‘a private person’. I decided I could be an enthusiastic idiot with impugnity!
And although I have been told I’m a good listener, (when I’m interested! Anything to do with psychology, nuttin’ to do with sprockets!) I did have to post this on my FB page:

I don't mean to...

5 responses to “The Daily Post, Unsafe Containers. Enthusiasm.

  1. OMG I need this for my husband. I can’t tell you how many times I will be talking and he’ll go “Oooh!” which means “I just thought of something really great which has nothing whatsoever to do with what you were talking about, not that I know what that was because I wasn’t really listening I was too busy thinking about this cool thing and I need to share it NOW.”


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