Jasmine, Scents, Cobwebs and President Obama.

I was at a garden centre yesterday with my dear friend Bridget, and we drooled over trellis’s draped with Jasmine….80 euro a pop! We sadly turned from them, the scent lingering around us, and we made more modest purchases.
I thought of the Jasmine outside my front door, that I had been aware of somewhat neglecting to trim and water, so this morning I decided to feed and water it…and was assailed by that glorious sweet scent! On looking up I saw a tangle of newly opened flowers that I hadn’t even noticed.

2 before the tie in

Having burnt-out my back when building my house, I took an aversion to balancing up ladders, but having got up there I found the Jasmine was twined around the party lights I’d forgotten were there. Grubby, covered in cobwebs, a sorry state.
Diversion to switch them on…all but the last 2 ft lit up! Jeez, it must be nearly seven years since my last party…time to plan another one!


Twined around the party lights


party lights entwined
Unravelling the twining strands was a pernickity job, but so pleasing when you’re surrounded by that heady scent!

Tied up, ready to come down right side after...
Tied up over the  door that opens, ready to come down the side on the right…


3, after...

And on the other side, strung to grow horizontally.
1, multi blue 4 B

A shot of Multi Blue Clematis, for Bridget…Not a true portrayal of the colour, but I don’t like tweaking colours in Photoshop.


Sambucca and President.
Also for Bridget, Sambucca and  Clematis ‘The President’….the photo doesn’t show the electric, vibrant colours together.

The President Obama bit: ( a personal rant…)

Who is this inflamatory Obama we’re hearing, ….starting up another Cold War?

Is he needing new bases to send soldiers to, when they withdraw from Afghanistan?

Giving self-interested reasons (David Cameron’s if not his own), as to why Scotland should stay in Britain….like, the patronising reasons are REALLY going to persuade Scottish voters….(Take your tongue out of your cheek, Charl!).


website 004

I promised cobwebs….this is my Website.

Website DSCF8411

Allium Christophii seed heads….one bulb will produce a new and larger head every year…..I don’t mind cobwebs, because spiders catch flys….but I really ought to  clean up the ones over the cooker!

And a last blast of my love affair with colour,  the light above my stairs, inside an old bird cage.

And so to bed

And so to bed.








4 responses to “Jasmine, Scents, Cobwebs and President Obama.

  1. Well worth sorting out that Jasmine I’m sure. Just love it’s heady scent. That big blousy Clematis is gorgeously yummy. So extravagant with it’s blooms. As to Obama, the warmongering self righteous hypocrite, what a disappointment he has been for the world. We were in Chicago before the election and people were so full of hope for this man. What a let down.


    • Hi Darlin’! I was trepidatious putting that Obama remark, as I thought I might offend some amerikans, but Hell! I got so angry at his recent meddling! I guess he’s just another pawn…Big Business rules the world now. What a disappointment indeed! x


  2. Ermmmm…….I didn’t think Paradise was supposed to have almost constant rain!
    After the great love of my life died, (my first ever blog), I remember stomping up and down the beautiful estuary where I lived, with my dog, tears streaming down my face, muttering “Beauty is not enough!”….When I had to work I used to dream of empty time stretching before me…. to do my own work; now that I have all the time in the world, my back is disintegrating so no more carving, and I’m sat in a puddle of despondency asking “Where is everybody?” Jeez, I shouldn’t msg when I’m in this state! Tommorrow is another day.


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