16 responses to “A feast of poppies

  1. Hiya! I haven’t been into WordPress for weeks, busy weeks that I’ve meant to blog about, but not made the time or headspace for…..and the more I miss other blogs that I’m following, the more distant it all gets!
    With the situation in Gaza and the local anti-fracking campaign I’ve been busy, and it’s harvest time with chutneys and jams to make, and I have an old friend visiting from Scotland….too many ‘ands’…..but I WILL be back!


      • Indeed! Tho’ there’s a lot of Being instead of Doling going on!
        I’m hopeless at all the ‘promoting’ of a blog…so sometimes question why I’m doing it….have always avoided Twitter because I’m quite obsessive, and fear I’d ‘waste’ more time than I already do! And I have a Love/Hate relationship with the computer….I seem to have lost the art of handwritten letters….or the patience to wait weeks for a reply, and then wonder what I’d written before….this world is going too fast for me, tho’ I do dive into the fast lane now and then! Hope all’s well with you, C.

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  2. I could never figure out how or why to expand followers so I just enjoy the few interesting people I follow and they seem to follow me back. I wouldn’t want to take the time to follow too many and don’t like to take a superficial approach and just ‘like’ hundreds. You have a unique voice, challenging thoughts and great photos so you are rewarding to follow but blogging shouldn’t become a burden. Maybe we’ll hear from you again but if not I know you’ll be up to interesting things. Take care xx


    • Well, for a start there’s housework! I can do ANYTHING but that! Then there’s overcoming chronic laziness, giving up tobacco, making decisions…sticking with projects at the slightest hint of “It’s No Good! I’ve lost it!”….putting half-finished projects away…sorting out the piles of papers before they avalanche onto the floor, pickjng up the paper avalanche within 24 hours, getting the washing as far as the machine….the list goes on! xxx

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