Unravelling to re-knit to a truer pattern.

 At the moment, I’m just skirting around parts of my story…in the early hours thoughts, memories and words tumble through my head, only to seep out again with all the “Have To’s” of the morning…
My new rescue cat Rasta is already the Boss in this house, I’ve developed a high-stepping walk as he’s a real ankle-weaver, with attitude, but he’s small enough to get trodden on; and Osh the dog, having being painfully abused and starved in early life, is hilarious in his twice daily amazement at “Food! Again! Oh Wow! My favourite thing!”

I sleep really well, I could sleep for Ireland! but I wake early, sometimes after weird, wonderful, unsettling or scary dreams… research has shown that the heart neurons react to stimulae before the brain and send messages to the brain,  and the stomach can affect the brain too….maybe nightmares are my gut’s way of  saying <em>”Bathroom! Now!”. </em>

Then I doze away, “writing”, or dreaming again.
(Just sometimes, I dream of Francis, or my sons, and those dreams can be like an aura of warm blankets for the whole day. Except the ‘sometimes’ when my sons are expressing their “Oh MUTHerr!!” tendencies!)
So where was I? Wanting to write about being adopted, feeling insecure, not belonging, an Outsider, and unloved. I made my peace with my adoptive mother many years ago…but I was just thinking recently that my early experience of losing my parents and my older sisters, may well have caused a perennial “Fight or Flight” default mode in me…defensive and untrusting, critical, ready to run, they are unloveable tendencies!
When I was fostering children in Scotland, many years later, I sometimes had a placement of such a child, and here’s a statement that may well be challenged! I believe that one can ACT being loving, patient and caring…it takes self-awareness, but it can work to turn a child around…maybe it is a true form of loving? I did feel a lack of love from my adoptive mother, but heaven knows, she had a helluva lot on her plate!
Looking back over my life, I can see how the fight or flight mode came up in many situations…I’ve always been unable to fight, “it’s just too dangerous to get angry or people will leave, again”…so I reject before I can be rejected again, I abandon people and places…always in search of what I will never find. Hey Ho!

Also, with the Fight or Flight mechanism, one lives in the moment. Now, ‘Living In The Day’ can be a wonderful thing, but not if it’s because of a state of underlying nerves or fear. It can also lead to not remembering things….my adoptive father always said I had a very good Forgettery! Now that I’m older, there’s less time stretching ahead of me, and trying to sort out the multitude of papers and photo’s, letters and writings, that I’ve built like a cocoon around me, reminds me of long forgotten things, and times. Patterns begin to emerge…not all of them comfortable! But if one doesn’t consider one’s pathologies, one may be forced to repeat them…Heaven Forfend!

Rasta is at the door.

Rasta and Molly DSCF8008

I don’t have fixed beliefs on an afterlife, but the first time I met Rasta at the rescue centre, I felt he’d been sent by Molly…a very Zen cat that I loved more than any before, and used to think of as a Spirit Guide. Her death devastated me, as do all the deaths I’ve had in my life…they all trigger that confusion and grief of an early-age orphan. Rasta is very like Molly, but male, feisty, and far more affectionate than the Zen Molly was…in the photo you can see a photo of Molly, up on the right, in the same clinging to the door pose…long leggedy cats, eh?!
I want to write of my beloved sons, of the children I fostered in Scotland after Frank died, of obsessions and work and addictions and salvations (ahem!). But this morning I have D.B.M again, (Dishevelled Brain Mode), so I’ll end with a quotation from the man I wrote my thesis on, which relates to the title of this blog,…a wonderful artist called Nigel Henderson, who I exchanged letters with for three years or so, back in the ’70’s.

” Instead of Happy New Year I could wish some people a nervous breakdown. I am quite serious. I believe that to survive it is to experience Rebirth and that some people need badly to come apart so as to have the opportunity to re-knit to a truer pattern. This is a dangerous doctrine but I believe most of us (certainly I) were thrown together like clay battered in a pug mill and given the most approximate shape by the most insensitive hands. I mean the shape of the personality hammered into you by the blind will of others raping your weak defences. All that has to be vomited up again later and a fresh start made…”


Must walk dog.

6 responses to “Unravelling to re-knit to a truer pattern.

  1. You are such an interesting writer …thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love the video of your excited dog – if only we could all recognize and find such joy in life’s special moments!! Fascinating quote from your friend at the end and while I’m not sure I agree it’s an intriguing concept. I look forward to your future posts.

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    • Thank You for your response! As I wrote to a friend, who thought Osh looked like a springbok, “Sometimes he looks like a hare, sometimes a deer, sometimes a rocking horse! And at all times, my beloved dog !
      He’s untrusting, neurotic, bouncy, greedy, lazy, a 40 MPH couch potato, doesn’t like being out in the rain, independent, solitary, unbiddable…. …just like me! A perfect match!”.
      Writing this blog is so cathartic for me, but also makes me feel vulnerable, so it means a lot to get feedback! And through difficult times, it’s the wee flashes of unadulterated joy that I can get, that keeps me going.
      Would that we all had the simple joys of animals! xx


      • I know what you mean about vulnerability in writing these posts… Sometimes you feel like you’re writing into the ether too and wonder if anyone reads them…or if you care! Hope you keep it up – you have such a unique perspective on life. PS – your cat peering through the window shot is priceless!

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  2. The dear Osh is now living with a delightful mother and daughter in Wales…a long story, and sadly they don’t have the space for him to do his mealtime leaps! However, they live round the corner from a golf course, and, whereas he never, ever pulled on his lead here, he now drags them round the corner to the golf course, which is covered in canine buddies!


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